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10,000 Jobs In One Day
Job Matching
For Every Participant

By matching applicants to jobs prior to attending, employers are approached by candidates
possessing preceisly the skills they need.

What we do

We make a difference within the community by engaging in two activities:

  1. First, we create opportunities for job seekers to meet with employers in person, while providing a career coach at every event.

  2. Second, we match candidates to jobs prior to attending by hosting the Get Back to Work Now project Register for an event in your area.

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Our Mission

To bring professionals face-to-face with employers looking for their skills while creating an environment that motivates, inspires and empowers our communities.

Today finding the jobs is easy. A simple search for any position yields plenty of results. The problem of unemployment is not one of lacking jobs, but one of communication.

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Contact Us

Job seekers: (800) 440-8808
Employers and exhibitors:
(888) 440 - FIND (3463)

Please contact the director with any feedback about your experience.

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